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About Me

Videographer. Editor. Audio Engineer. 
I started down the path that would lead me to where I am now when I was in high school. I loved technical and creative things, and so I began with designing websites in Macromedia Flash (if any of you remember!). Web design brought together my love of the technical through web languages, and the creative through the design and aesthetic aspect of it. From there I began editing band videos in Premiere. This just kept me a-tune to how the industry was growing and changing. Then about 12 years ago, I got an amazing and new opportunity. At the time I was a mental health therapist and a professor of psychology, but they hardly paid the bills. This new opportunity would give me a steady income doing things I was very passionate about - video editing/design and live production. I began teaching myself 3D motion graphics in programs like Maya, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Nuke, etc, and really fell in love with the entire 3D motion graphic pipeline, as well as the community and industry. This job carried me for about 8 years; at which point it was time to start my own business, and thus Cinemagic Creative was born in 2019.

Throughout my life I (also) have been a fairly proficient musician and played and toured with numerous ensembles, while also honing my audio engineering abilities. I helped build a few studios, as well as produce some records. 

As a passionate, creative professional, I believe in putting my skills and innovation at the forefront of my work for all my clients to experience. The end result? Coming up with ideas that really impress. Do you want to collaborate together on a project? Get in touch with me today to see what I can do for you.
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